Bx Studio was born through years of self-discovery, exploring and countless hours of physical training.
Gasia’s journey through physical activity started young. With a strong focus on her health and staying in shape, she was part of the community track and field team until the age of 17. Shortly after, she discovered boxing, the ultimate cardio workout that engages the entire body, burns fat, all while having a fun and effective workout.

Eight years later, having moved to a new neighborhood in Montreal and still in search of new and different ways of physically challenging herself, she tried her first barre class, and instantly fell in love. Barre consists of muscle sculpting, core conditioning, and deep stretching, all while improving your mind-body connection. Unquestionably, boxing and barre became part of her fitness routine. After becoming a mother, and learning new ways to move her postpartum body, she discovered pilates.
“I couldn’t find what I was looking for, all under one roof, so I created it. Bx Studio is a place that is designed to empower its members and give them the results that they desire.
From the high-intensity aspect of boxing to low-impact toning of barre and pilates, we have created an ideal workout routine combining the best of both worlds.”

Challenge yourself, and come “Raise the Barre” on your physical health.


Tatyana has been involved in sports for as long as she can remember. Her journey started young, with ballet, gymnastics and figure skating. Later in her fitness journey, she found motivation and passion through weight and strength training.

She got her personal training certification in 2016 and her corrective conditioning in 2017.

Her knowledge of different types of sports and exercise is what brings her expertise and uniqueness to her classes. Her love of physical health and fitness is what drives her to improve herself and learn more everyday.


Maria’s passion for physical activity started from a young age with soccer. She continued playing for many years. Always searching for a physical challenge, she has additionally trained with HIIT classes, circuit trainings, and yoga classes.

In 2019, she discovered barre at Bx Studio. Combining the best aspects of all of the workouts she has done, barre quickly became her favorite. She decided to get certified and become a leader to elevate the community. She loves to use props in order to add variety to her workouts. Come meet her at the barre!


Nancy’s love for barre stems from her background and love for ballet and dance. She attended various classes at the National Ballet School, well into her adulthood.

From a young age, her family introduced her to many sports and the importance of staying fit. She loves music and is trained in piano.  She obtained her certification in 2018, in the hopes of creating energized classes to make each workout flow with the rhythm of the music. Meet her at the barre and pulse away to the beat.

Mary Daoud

Having discovered yoga over a decade ago, Mary instantly fell in love with how it made her feel physically and mentally strong. Pursuing her passion, she became a certified 200H yoga instructor. Always embracing new experiences, after discovering barre, she instantly fell in love and decided to pursue her certification. As a mom, she prioritize her health and enjoys low-impact effective workouts, that harmonizes the mind and body connection. Join her for a powerful class on the mat or pulse with her at the barre.

Sophie Barbe

Recognized for her unwavering energy and love for physical activity, Sophie has always been captivated by a diverse range of sports, constantly seeking movement and excitement. Although she wasn’t particularly drawn to the conventional gym environment, Sophie embarked on a quest for a challenging workout that would truly push her limits. This led her to sign up for Muay Thai and Boxing classes, a decision that stayed with her 15 years and counting.

In boxing, you constantly need to be focused in the moment which makes this workout not only physical, but mental as well. It’s one of the best and powerful workout you can get!”

Marisa Guerrera

Marisa is a fitness instructor, skilled in yoga, barre and Pilates. Her gratitude towards yoga and meditation deepened during her postpartum period, as they proved to be her saving grace. In 2017, Marisa discovered barre. More recently, she expanded her repertoire by adding Pilates Reformer to her list of fitness certifications. Her classes are thoughtfully crafted with the aspiration that individuals can continue to perform these exercises well into their 70s! Her approach extends beyond mere toning, sculpting, and strengthening, aiming to promote mind-body awareness, longevity and vitality.

Jodi Berkson

Jodi’s fitness journey began later in life, igniting a passion that would transform her life and inspire those around her. Her curiosity led her to explore various disciplines, eventually discovering pilates. After obtaining her certification in mat and reformer techniques, Jodi’s unwavering commitment to her clients’ success truly sets her apart. She possesses a deep understanding of individual limitations and aspirations, allowing her to design customized workouts that both challenge and empower. Jodi fosters a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome. Come and meet her on the reformer!

Marcella Valletta

With a decade of expertise in the beauty industry, Marcella has long believed in the transformative power of wellness and health to radiate beauty from within. Driven by her unwavering passion for fitness and her commitment to embracing self-love, Marcella embarked on a personal journey that led her to discover the transformative power of Pilates as a gateway to holistic movement. Recognizing the profound connection between mind, body, and soul, she has made it her mission to share this love and passion with others.