45 mins

Are you ready to HIIT the Barre? Barre Hiit is essentially a full-body cardio workout that starts with a warm up, featuring high-intensity interval trainings, followed by a series of Barre exercises focusing on the upper body, core, back and lower body. Get that heart rate up!

BEST FOR: Barre lovers looking for an intense workout.


60 mins

Baby got back? Barre Booty+Core is a Barre workout, inspired by Ballet, Yoga and Pilates, focused on toning and strengthening. Repeat, pulse, hold, feel the burn and shake it off. Extra emphasis devoted on the booty and the core. 

BEST FOR: Barre lovers looking for buns and abs of steel.



60 mins

Why Boxing? Easy, Boxing is one of the greatest workouts. With speed, endurance, power and technique, get ready to feel alive and strong. Release that fighter inside you. We all got one!

BEST FOR: Everyone!


60 mins

Can’t choose? Two heads are better than one! Barreboxing is the perfect mesh, with half the time devoted to Barre and the other half to Boxing, you are guaranteed to get the best workout. Sometimes, in life, you can have the cake and eat it too!

BEST FOR: Barre and Boxing lovers looking to get toned and burn fat.



45 mins

Want a win-win? Body Circuit is a high-intensity workout, combining cardio and muscle strengthening. With a sequence of exercises back-to-back, all major muscle groups will be put to work. Cycle through, burn the fat, feel the gains.

BEST FOR: Everyone looking to build muscle and burn fat.


45 min

Back to basics! Barre Basics is the perfect introduction to barre fitness. With a slower pace, this class allows for time to assimilate basic alignment principles, while promoting the maintenance of good posture and muscular strength. This 45-minute class may look basic, but it has everything you need to stay active.
BEST FOR: prenatal, beginners.

Baby & Mommy

60 min

No babysitter? No problem. New moms, this class is for you. Our Baby & Mommy class is designed for new mothers looking to get back into shape. We provide an encouraging and supportive environment so that you can work out at your own pace and tend to baby when needed. With a mixture of barre and boxing, get ready to move!
Please note:
 A physician’s consent is required prior to beginning any fitness class/program.
– Babies must be between 8 weeks to 10 months old.
– Babies must be in a car carrier at all times.