Fitness packages


Intro offers

Valid for new clients only. Package expires after 30 days following the first class.

Due to the high demand for our classes, we are extending the time allotted to complete the introductory courses if necessary. Should you require additional time, please send us an email requesting an extension.

5 Introductory Fitness Classes

100 $
  • Valid for new clients only
Expire after 30 days

Class passes

Our class passes allow you the flexibility to come when works best for you. All packages are valid one year. (All classes excluding Reformer Pilates)

Single Class

25 $
  • Valid once for all classes

10 Classes

220 $
  • 22$ the class

20 Classes

400 $
  • 20$ the class

30 Classes

540 $
  • 18$ the class

Unlimited fitness class memberships

Our unlimited class memberships allows you to come as many times as you would like. You would still need to sign up for each class to reserve your spot. 15$ fee per class if you sign up and do not show up, or cancel after 24h. (all classes excluding Reformer Pilates)

1 month

200 $
  • 16.6$ the class
  • 3 times per week
per month

6 months

170 $
  • 14$ the class
  • 3 times per week
Per month

12 months

150 $
  • 12.5$ the class
  • 3 times per week
per month

These packages will be sold until we hit our maximum capacity. Once we hit our maximum capacity of unlimited packages sold, only class passes will be available, and a waitlist will be created for our unlimited membership. Please note that you can attend as many classes as you want per week, the example is given on the idea that you attend 3 classes a week.

Private Training

Could be used for any type of workout (Barre, Boxing, Yoga, Strength training, Circuit, HIIT etc..).

1 Private Session

90 $

5 Private Sessions

425 $
  • 85$ the session

10 Private Sessions

800 $
  • 80$ the session

Naturopath receipts available upon request