Fitness Classes


45 mins

Are you ready to HIIT the Barre? Barre Hiit is essentially a full-body cardio workout that starts with a warm up, featuring high-intensity interval trainings, followed by a series of Barre exercises focusing on the upper body, core, back and lower body. Get that heart rate up!

BEST FOR: Barre lovers looking for an intense workout.


60 mins

Baby got back? Barre Booty+Core is a Barre workout, inspired by Ballet, Yoga and Pilates, focused on toning and strengthening. Repeat, pulse, hold, feel the burn and shake it off. Extra emphasis devoted on the booty and the core. 

BEST FOR: Barre lovers looking for buns and abs of steel.


60 mins

Why Boxing? Easy, Boxing is one of the greatest workouts. With speed, endurance, power and technique, get ready to feel alive and strong. Release that fighter inside you. We all got one!

BEST FOR: Everyone!


45 mins

Are you ready to add POWER to your favorite workout? Power Barre is a full-body strength training class, done at the barre. This class is the perfect fusion between strength training, all while incorporating that Barre burn. Get ready to feel powerful.

BEST FOR: Barre lovers looking to incorporate weights.


45 mins

Want a win-win? Body Circuit is a high-intensity workout, combining cardio and muscle strengthening. With a sequence of exercises back-to-back, all major muscle groups will be put to work. Cycle through, burn the fat, feel the gains.

BEST FOR: Everyone looking to build muscle and burn fat.


50 mins

Who can resist a good band workout? Body Band is a full-body resistance training class, designed to build strength and tone. With custom long bands, at 3 different levels of strength every muscle in your body will be put to work. Similar to strength training, this class is low on cardio, high on muscle definition.

BEST FOR: Band lovers looking for that creative approach to toning.


45-60 mins

Ready to tip the scales? Power Yoga is a 45 to 60 minutes Hatha Yoga class. Hatha means ”Force” in the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. Focusing on body strength, this class will fire up your core while incorporating stretching and breathing techniques to your practice.
BEST FOR: Everyone looking to build flexibility, balance and core strength. 

Please bring your yoga mat to this class